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Meet the Girls

Meet the girls from the Glossy Pals Club. A group of girls who are diverse but have one thing in common to sparkle acts of kindness to girls and teach them to love the skin they are in!


Meet Miah the mastermind behind this amazing club. Miah loves the arts, she loves to dance, act and sing.

Meet Jenna she the artistic one of the group. She loves to paint, draw and create crafts.

Meet Dani she is the athlete of the group. She loves football but plays any sport she can.

Meet Grace, she fights for social justice. Grace is the problem solvers and believes in justice for all. Grace loves being a leader and finding the good in people.

Meet Layla, she is the fashionista of the club, loves to study cultures and languages and loves lip gloss. Although a diva she loves science and technology.