Who are the characters in the book Glossy Pals Club: Friendship?

Glossy Pals is set to launch their first book series of the Glossy Pals Club titled "Friendship" soon. The girls have many things in common but their true love is the science behind lip gloss and making a change in their neighborhood or school.

Glossy Pals continues to work on illustrations and character development for the book. First meet Miah who is the founder of the Glossy Pals Club and the mastermind behind lip gloss and how it helps others to shine. Now Meet Grace and Layla. Grace is the sensitive friend in the club, she stands for the underdog and always wants to make things right. Layla is the voice of reason she is always calm, she loves to day dream about her fashion ideas but she keeps the girls together when a problem arises.

The book will be available soon on the Glossy Pals site, www.glossypals.com or for sale on Amazon. Fall in love with the Glossy Pal Club.