Being Me

Being young does not mean that we do not have a voice. Being me means knowing my culture, who i am and loving myself. Being able to express myself is hard but given encouragement such as the Glossy Pals blog, putting on my gloss that makes me smile and feel bold or my mother's love.My mom is so strong, beautiful and does not let anything stop her.

I wanted Glossy Pals to post the social media tag that is shown on many peoples page. I do not have my own social media page yet so here is my tag, thank you glossy pals my voice is heard:

I am a YOUNG black women, THE FUTURE👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿......we build.....we don’t tear down other WOMEN!...for many years our past generations have felt the pain of not being seen for our undeniably beautiful skin & features; instead we are looked down upon. Right now, in this moment, we will acknowledge one another! We will uplift each other today & EVERDAY!

We can see how the media portrays girls of color on social media and how it affect our generation. Today we must make change. We are beautifully the same.

Glossy Blogger: Caity